Regulation no. 305/2011 CPR


New regulations for the CE marking of construction products in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 305/2011 from 9 March 2011, introduces a number of changes both in terms of the rules and procedures of the CE marking of construction products and the obligations of economic operators. TELE-FONIKA Kable S.A. as a manufacturer of cables and wires used inter alia in the construction industry focuses its activities in the field of cables and wires fire safety in accordance with the CPR Directive.

The Regulation (EC) No. 305/2011 (CPR) covers all construction products designed for permanent installation, including cables and cords, in construction facilities, such as civil buildings, public buildings, and engineering buildings. The Directive classifies the basic requirements such as:

• Carrying capacity and stability
• Fire safety
• Occupational health and safety and the environment
• Operational safety,
• Protection against noise
• Energy saving and thermal insulation

The general requirements in terms of the formal requirements, the declaration of performance and methods of verification of the fire resistance of cables and wires in EN 50575:2014. The detailed requirements can be found in the related standards, i.e.:

1. EN 13501-6:  The classification of cables and wires in reaction to fire. The standard specifies the scope
   and methodology of tests necessary for the evaluation of usable properties of cables allowing to classify
   cables to the appropriate class.
2. CLC/TS 50576: It contains the methodology for determining the group of cables of a similar design
    for the selection of representatives (EXAP) to carry out tests and to designate the classes
    of reaction-to-fire for this group.

The European Commission decided to postpone the date of implementation of the standard EN 50575 from 1 December 2015 to 10 June 2016. The transitional period will last for 1 year and will begin on 1 July 2016 and complete on 1 July 2017. *

A consequence of the implementation of this directive is the obligation of the manufacturer of cables to issue the Declaration of Performance and the marking of the products intended for construction with the CE mark according to the requirements of the aforementioned regulation (305/2011).

In practice, TELE-FONIKA Kable, prior to issuing the DoP, is required to test and classify the manufactured cables in accordance with EN 13501-6.

Depending on the classes of reaction-to-fire, different procedures will be applied:

System 4 - classification to Fca class carried out by the manufacturer to find that cables do not meet any
                   of the other classes of reaction-to-fire.
System 3 - classification to Eca and Dca class carried out by the manufacturer based on the tests
                   arried out by the notified laboratory.
System 1 + - classification to B1, B2 and Cca class carried out by the notified certification unit
                   by testing cables and auditing the manufacturing process and the plant manufacture control..

The procedure for the issuance of the DoP for the upper classes will be available subject to the following conditions:

1.Noticing the standard EN 50575 in the official journal, which was on 10 June 2016.
2.Noticing the standards will allow the certification units to strive for notification for this standard.
3.After receiving the notification, the certification units will be able to join the process of issuing certificates for:
  a.Tests carried out in the field of cables reaction-to-fire.
  b.Carrying out audits of the manufacturing processes and of the plant manufacture control.
  c.Issue the certificate.

The DoP may be issued after satisfying the formal conditions by the certification units and after testing cables, i.e. in the first place, they will be available for Fca Dca, Eca classes, i.e. for which the laboratory notification is required. Subsequently, the DoP will be issued for Cca, B2 and B1 classes, for which the certification unit notification and the manufacturer audit are required.

TELE-FONIKA Kable engaged deeply in the process of adaptation to the European Union Regulation 305/2011 by:

1.Retrofit, in the plant in Kraków, the Fire Test Laboratory in a unique control and measuring device.
2.Carrying out a series of tests of internal and external cables to complete the preparation of TFK portfolio
  to the new requirements.
3.Close cooperation with the leading certification units in Europe.

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