Corporate Identity


TF Kable is a strong and stable brand which guarantees in itself a high level of quality. It reflects the focus of attention of all workers to fulfil customers’ requirements through pressure on modern technology, materials and protection of the environment.

TF Kable brand applied consistently in Poland and the world is a carrier of the strategic objective of the company.

Logo TF Kable

Verbal and graphic TF Kable trademark, is a sign legally protected in Poland and in the world.
The logo should not be made subject to any changes infringing on its original shape, proportions and colour.
The present logo is the essence of the original company name which was established in April 1992 under the firm Zaklady Kablowe TELE-FONIKA s.c.

The purpose of Corporate Indentity handbook is a unification of basic principles regarding the usage of TF Kable trademark in all area of operation. It contains information referring to the appropriate way of utilising the TF Kable trade mark.


Logo TF Kable (.jpg, .ai)

TF Kable Corporate Indentity handbook (EN)