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The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment process in the company TELE-FONIKA Kable, with the involvement and active support from management.

STAGE I - The need for employment

The recruitment process begins by identifying the profile of the candidate we are looking for. Information about initiation of recruitment process is directed parallel to both the company's employees, giving them the opportunity for internal promotion, as well as to candidates being not the company's employees.

STAGE II - Selection of candidates

The specialists of HR Department analyze a database of candidates who have submitted an application for a job. Selected individuals whose professional experience is closest to our expectations and requirements, are invited for an interview. In the process of selecting candidates, particular emphasis is also put on the choice of people with high degree of awareness of quality-related and environmental aspects. This is done initially through analysis of documents proving the candidate's education, but also during subsequent stages of recruitment process.

STAGE III - Interviews

In an interview with potential candidates take part the specialists from HR Department and a representative of the department to which the recruitment is conducted. The candidate may expect that during the interview will be addressed topics related to his / her previous professional experience, knowledge required for a given position, aptitudes, interests, motivations as well as expectations in relation to our company. Particular attention is paid to the evaluation of candidate personality, trying to choose the best person for our team. During the interview, we are open to any questions the candidate may ask regarding our company, organizational culture and the position offered.

In addition to an interview, we often ask the candidate to prepare a case study, to participate in analytical tests and to fill personality questionnaires. These methods allow us to prepare more accurate diagnosis of professional aptitude of selected individuals.

STAGE IV - Completion of recruitment

After completion of the recruitment process, the candidates who participated in the process receive by telephone or mail the final information on the decision taken. We present the conditions of employment to the candidate finally selected, and we look forward to joining our team.
During the first day of employment a new employee undergoes basic organizational training consisting of several modules, so the new employee can familiarize with the structure of our company and rules for its functioning. During next days a job position implementation is conducted - new employee can familiarize with work standards applicable in our company, as well as work specific of his/her new position.